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What do We Expect for Future Education?

Teachers have always been an integral part in society in training up generations to be functional citizens in the society. Often times, industry and academia are closely related. Both are mutually supportive with the industry pointing academia to the right direction in syllabus, keeping them updated with the latest technology, and academia providing the human …

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Generalized Chebyshev Filter

In this week article, lets discuss the Generalized Chebyshev class filter. Firstly, here's a video on a Generalized Chebyshev class filter constructed using our EDS HF software. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYPvdXOXlW4 The Design The Generalized Chebyshev filters have equiripple passband characteristics and flexibility in placing transmission zeros arbitrarily. The synthesis of this type of filter is based on …

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Single Mode Filter

Microwave and RF filters are of immeasurable importance to wireless equipment because they are always located between the input and output stages of the RF and microwave active circuits. Microstrip planar filters are preferred for integration in low-power transceiver systems because they possess the properties of compact size, flexible layout, low cost, and easy fabrication …

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