Is The 5G Race Part of The China-US Trade War?

Technological breakthrough are often than not influenced by the politics of the world. With 5G coming soon, will the China-US Trade War affect the development of 5G?

Microwave Filter in Satellite Communication

In the previous article, we learnt how microwave filters are used in military around the world in the form of electronic warfare. Today, lets look at how microwave filters are used in satellites. The emergence of satellite technologies in the 1970s has further driven the needs for microwave filters after the increase in importance during …

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Microwave Filter in Electronic Warfare

It has been shown in the past article "The 5G Liver" that microwave filter plays an extremely and equally important role as the human liver which remove interference in any wireless communications. But besides than removing interference, microwave filter is also a key component in creating interference. When is that needed? you would say. It …

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