Android Touchstone Viewer

We are living in an era where accessibility is a big deal. The means to communicate information on the move and with ease is a huge advantage to businesses or entrepreneurs alike. One of the key platform to do this is mobile phones. As of February 2020, the amount of smartphone users in the world rest at 3.5 billion users. That is around 44.8% of the current world population. Compared to a year ago at February 2019, the ratio of smartphone users to world population is at 42.6%. That’s an increase in 2.2% in a year. In fact, the trend shows that more and more users are getting connected through mobile phones. With better device technologies, the emergence of 5G and accessibility to smartphones, more and more of the world is adapting to using a smartphone in accomplishing many of their daily tasks

Statistic: Number of smartphone users worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in billions) | Statista

Source from Statista

Android Viewer

Last year, we at FILPAL released our free Touchstone viewer tool for Windows PC. This year, understanding the convenience it can bring to be able to view touchstone files through our smartphones, we are releasing our Touchstone Viewer for Android devices.

Now, you do not need to depend on a computer or a laptop to be able to view your touchstone files. You can view it both from your android tablet or phone alike. Besides, this tool is completely FREE for download in hope that it can benefit many who may need it. You may download it here:

Updated PC Version

With the release of the android version comes the updated PC version of the Touchstone viewer. In the newest version, some of the bugs are fixed. Besides, you can now download it from the Microsoft Store. Moving forward, the viewer will be updated to include more features so that it become a tool that can truly serve the needs of those in the telco industry. Check out the latest version from our Microsoft store:

Alternatively, it is still possible to direct download our latest version. Check out our website for the link.

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