5 Things to Expect in EDS v1.7

Its been 2 months since the last update on our software. Things going quiet over here? Not really. In fact, this patch is going to be BIG! In this patch, we introduce some enhancement and changes that will help make our software better and sophisticated. In this week blog, we present a sneak peak of the enhancement and changes before the upcoming patch. Here are 5 things to expect!

Disclaimer: Any images of EDS shown here are work in progress.

1. Formula Expression

Most of the time, numbers alone is not enough to define the characteristic of the component. In the field of engineering, the ability of the software to handle complex formula expression could simplify the required work a lot. In FILPAL, we pursue delivering excellence in the software we design. In this patch, users will now be able to key in formula expression, making characteristics of symbols more dynamic!

2. Formula Editor

Feel lazy to type out some of the more complex formulas? With the introduction of formula expression, we also introduce a tool called formula editor. It contains some of the commonly used notations such as sin(x), abs(x), imaginary number i, PI and much more. Be sure to check it out in our next patch and see how it could help improve your user experience.

3. User-defined Variables

Have components that are sharing the same values? I guess we often find it tedious to edit all the components’ value one by one again and again. So now users are able to define variables to be used in components. Simply create a variable and give it a name. Enter the desired value and all the components in the schematic which subscribes to the variable in its characteristic will have its value updated. Cool!

4. Search Function

We have completely overhaul the component explorer found at the right side of the software. Previously, users are able to see the connections between components and a properties window also allowed users to key in component values. We realize these features are rarely used and not really effective in enhancing user experiences. Therefore, we have streamline and replace it with a brand new search function. Now, by entering the name of the component, users will be able to filter and select the component to be selected. The schematic will also auto-center at the selected component.

5. Changes to SI prefix and Tuning

In this patch, we also change how users can enter the SI prefix and perform tuning. Due to the introduction of variables and to allow no constraint in variable naming, SI prefix are now selected from a dropbox besides the input of the symbol.

We also change how tuning works. Previously, tuning can be done by activating them from within each symbols. Now, to better streamline the usage of tuning in synergy with the expressions and variables, we remove the ability to tune symbol values but made variables tunable. Variables can be activated for tuning just like how to activate symbols for tuning previously. Take note that the SI prefix is still tied to the symbols itself though.

Patch 1.7 will be released soon before the end of July. More testing are currently being done to ensure that these enhancements will come to you as stable as possible. There are still some tweaks here and there to be done. We hope it is worth the wait!

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this patch, feel free to leave a message at our facebook page. Check out our website too for more information!

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