The Importance of Software Tools in Education

The study of electrical and electronics engineering has always been a race against time. Ask many of the students studying this discipline, they will comment that it has always been a race against time.

A Race against Time

Generally, there are a lot of ground to cover in one semester, which means students will not only have a lot to learn, but they must also keep up to the pace of the learning to not fall behind. For some, this could be a challenge. Since the fundamentals in core discipline courses usually involve a heavy emphasis on mathematics and formulas, students who are less proficient in mathematics will need to spend more time to achieve competency, time that are too little for coping properly.

Besides learning up the fundamentals, engineering students are usually required to perform lab-based design experiments that reflects the theories, principles and fundamentals that are learnt in the classroom. Whats more, the students will have to master them in a very short time. Consequently, software tools is becoming an indispensable asset in teaching, learning and in activities such as projects, assignment.

Furthermore, with our rapidly transforming technology these days, students have to cope with the challenges of learning and keeping track with the latest technological trend in the industry as part of their curriculum. One of the majors in electrical and electronics engineering is communication systems which covers all range of communication studies including wireline, satellite, mobile and wireless communications. As we all know, the wireless revolution brought on mostly by cellular radio technologies for example 3G and 4G and the upcoming 5G have come to revolutionize global industry. The time saved when including the software in the classroom becomes the best option to provide the students with the capability to explore and meet this demand.

What to ask in an effective software?

There are many software tools out there that can be used for educational purpose. But when choosing a good one, these are questions that we need to ask. Is the software easy to understand by students? Can they learn and master it in a short time? Is the software affordable for personal ownership by students? All these questions should be asked if we want to encourage students to practice the usage of computer aided simulation in their assignments or projects. Usually, a challenging software will discourage students from committing to learn it.

In a nutshell, a good educational software should be

1. Easy to Use
2. Cheap to Buy

Software plays a very important role in education to allow the students to learn so much more with lesser time. Lecturers will also find their teaching more productive and easier to deliver because the students can grasp the concept faster. It is recommended to have a software tool in the class. If you are a lecturer, please try to find one software for your class now and you will see the difference.

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