Touchstone Viewer

What is a Touchstone?
Originally a file format type of a circuit simulator by EEsof, the touchstone file format had since become a universal file type used for the documenting of the behavior and response of the network parameter (a.k.a. S-Parameters) of a device. It is also sometimes called SnP files which is derived from its file extension (.snp) with the n being the number of ports of the device documented. Y-Parameters and Z-Parameters can also be written in the touchstone format with the file extension of .ynp and .znp respectively, albeit not as common as the more commonly used .snp type.

How do I view a Touchstone file?
A touchstone file is written in the ASCII text format (which means you can view its raw data using notepad or similar text editor apps). Each line in the file correspond to the data of all parameters at a single frequency point.

An example of how a touchstone file looks like

To view the whole response, one would need a software that is able to read the ASCII file and translate them into a meaningful graph or chart.

Introducing FILPAL Touchstone Viewer
A FREE platform to open, view, analyse and export your S-parameters in a much more presentable format without the need of an instrument or some paid software. FILPAL Touchstone Viewer allow conversion between different types of network parameters for data post-analysis and processing. You can then export the data in different formats for your own uses.


And most important, you can download it completely for FREE!

UPDATE (8/3/2020):
We have since released our NEWEST version HERE. We have also released a brand new android version of the touchstone viewer.

Download Here

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